Manú Menéndez was born 1985 in Mexico City, where he grew up in the artful and cultural rich Coyoacan. One of his first great mentors has been his fond grandmother. The way that she created delicious traditional dishes inspired him a lot. He remembers how all the different colors, shapes and forms of the markets multifarious offers  encouraged his fantasy and his wish to paint arised.

“Something that helped me to develop my creative process as a human being, was learning to find the extraordinary within the ordinary, so that the impossible becomes possible and the usual becomes magical. Every moment of this existence is an opportunity to create universes and realities full of inspiration and love through art – In all definitions of what art can be.”

Shamanism, sacred art, daydreams, universal love and the wisdom of native groups and their cosmogonies, are some pillars of great inspiration for Manús creations which he has been applying magically in the art of painting. His art expresses our spiritual, mental and physical connection with the universal divine source.


“Art is to live spiritual, mental and physically connected with the Universal Source. Art is to heal and live in the Sacred Present.”



“CELESTIAL PLACES” (2015) Everywhere in our ordinary world are hidden places, connections to higher realms. A tree, a forest can reveal itself to us as a dome, a temple. The trivial is like a veil, behind it true wonders are to find. The time for it is now and the place for it is right here.

“THE COSMIC MATHEMATIC OF COLOR” (2014) portrays links between sound, color and form. A sacred triad  of mother/father cosmos (sound), creator spirit (color) and human (form) intertwine to create and expand universal blessings of love, healing, freedom and unlimited abundance. Sound is sensed through color,  color is seen by the form; all is connected. All of us are threads of a great cosmic fabric: life.

“TRANSMUTATION: THE CREATIVE DEATH “ (2013) Death reveales the truth behind the illusion that society calls “reality”. Just when we accept death in our existence life really makes sense. We live in permanent impermanence in which everything that arises shall disappear. Everything is in constant change. By ancient knowlege all over the world death is percieved by its spiritual nature. Its presence invites us to connect with the universal creative source and awake our consciousness. Death can be viewed as a guide that shows the path to purity of being.

 “ANIMAL TOTÉMICO” (2013). The beings that are bringing full colors and magic to this work are protective spirits. Animals, plants, rocks, sky and elements are transformed into mystical teachers and guides, creating links to the universal force for which to archieve human beings acquire the ability to unify body, mind and spirit with mother nature.

THE PATH OF THE WIZARD” (2012) The characters involved in this work are cosmic citizens, beings without self image and personal importance. Magicians and alchemists transform everything they touch into light and pour universal consciousness of love into every act. The world of forms, ego  and matter returns to the essence of energy, vibration and unity.

“I am a paintbrush with which life is painting its beautiful creations on the canvas of existence ” M.M.