Manú Menéndez is a mexican multidisciplinary artist who works and lives in Berlin, Germany.

His universe of art creations is influenced by diverse artistic expressions such as video games, anime, design, street art, fantastic art as well as ancestral and current world cultures, shamanism and folklore. Meanwhile the greatest inspiration that is prevailing in his magical work is nature and its wonders. Animals and elements merge to fantastic beings, guiding the humans and connecting them with their origins and the pure consciousness of being.

The intention is to cross the barriers of the ordinary and create extraordinary worlds and realities by imagination.

His versatile work has been shown in different countries such as Mexico, Panama, Brazil, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Italy, Hungary, USA and Panama. His solo exhibitions took place in different galleries in Mexico and Germany while most of his works were displayed on festivals such as Boom (Portugal), Ozora (Hungary), Freqs of Nature (Germany), Tribal Gathering (Panama), Ancient Trance (Germany), WAO festival (Italy) among others.

“Something that helped me to develop my creative process as a human being, was learning to find the extraordinary within the ordinary, so that the impossible becomes possible and the usual becomes magical. Every moment of this existence is an opportunity to creat